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100% Paper
100% Renewable
100% Future.

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World Premiere

Dry Paper Forming Machines

biofriendly plastic alternative

biofriendly and biodegradable

100% paper - the perfect solution for retail and hardware stores.

great for planet plastic alternative

great for the planet

In Comparison to usual thermoforming, using paper has a way lower CO2 Emission.

renewable plastic alternative


Your Paper Products are completly renewable.

efficient plastic alternative

efficient and cost friendly

Not only does the CO2 Emission sink, but also your production costs.

The World is moving forward.
Are you?

Our flagship model, the DPF, enables the fast and efficient production of paper packaging for a variety of applications, including food packaging, egg cartons, electronic products, and much more.

With minimal water usage and a unique Dry Paper Technology (DPT), it produces high-quality, environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging while only using comparatively small amount of energy through its servo-motors.

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unique worldwide

Unique Worldwide

Together with Scafas pending patented technology and OMG, we offer a machine that is yet to be reached.

paper blisterpaper blister plastic alternativepaper blister

production possibilities

Individual Paper Blister

40 mm maximal depth of draw

500 mm x 700 mm forming area

0,4 mm - 1,2 mm Thickness

Paper Seals

optimal for one-way products and food

Paper blister

various applications - optimal for paper inlays for cardboard packaging

paper blister

Paper trays

optimal for disposable products

Paper inlay

optimal as one-way trays - while being carry- and stackable

Paper display

optimal for klein's series

Paper tap

also great for klein's series

Easy 3-Steps-Process


Contact us for any additional information.


We will see wether the machine is the right one for your business.


You can secure your machine available in early 2023.

in cooperation with

Omg ThemoformingScafa Thermoforming

Be part of the future now.

First machine already produced in April 2023. Many more to come.

Secure your machine nowor learn more about how Mega Plast can turn your desired paper packaging into reality.

How does Mega Plast ensure moisture protection and product durability with its dry paper blister packagings?

The ongoing research and optimization efforts focus on enhancing the barrier function of dry paper. We focus on providing packaging that effectively safeguards products against moisture while ensuring their long-lasting durability.

Which manufacturer does Mega Plast collaborate with for the development of this technology?

Mega Plast collaborates with OMG srl., a distinguished thermoforming machine manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in engineering.

What are the advantages of Mega Plast's Dry Paper Thermoforming Machine?

Dry Paper Thermoforming Machine achieves unparalleled precision, quality, and efficiency in packaging production.

Why is dry paper advantageous as a packaging material?

Dry paper is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources. It provides moisture resistance for optimal product protection.

How are Mega Plast's dry paper blister packagings described?

Dry paper blister packagings are sturdy, easy to open, and present your products attractively. The properties are continuously optimized to ensure moisture protection and product durability.

How is the new technology received?

The introduction of the Dry Paper Thermoforming Machine at the Interpack Fair 2023 was a significant success, with orders already received for five machines and a growing trend among companies worldwide to embrace this innovative packaging solution.

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